The Vivier Difference

Vivier is an innovative skincare brand with over 20 years of history in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Manufactured with care in North America, Vivier is held to the highest pharmaceutical production standards. 

Here at Impact we want only the best for our patients! Between the raving reviews and incredible results, Vivier is the go-to brand for all things skin care!


 Colorescience started as a brand specialized in vulnerable post-procedure skin and now covers a variety of health-forward skincare solutions for women of all skin types!

Colorescience offers skincare, colour correction and a wide variety of sun protection products, allowing you to prevent future damage, all while treating and dissimulating what’s already done.

Since they truly believe that the best offence is an efficient defence, Colorescience sunscreen benefits from the latest scientific innovations.

All their SPF products are 100% mineral formulas, using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as a physical barrier against sunlight, pollution and free radicals. For them, skin protection goes beyond UV rays.

Inside our Impact Facial using Viver Skincare!

See the Difference!

  • My Doctors swear by this!

    C E Peptides is one product I cannot live without! Immediately several days, later my skin shows results!! I am now on my second bottle and I just do not think I could live without this one! I love the way it feels on my face, the way it smells and just how well absorbent it really is. I use it daily in the mornings after my Vitamin C serum and just before applying a moisturiser. I have noticed it has balanced the brightness and pigmentation of my face. Love how it makes my face glow! Consistency is key with any skin care routine, this one I do not skip!


    The Ultimage Hydrating Gel is one of the best hydrating serums I have ever used. Transformed my skin completely. I have been using Vivier products for years, and I am so impressed with Ultimage. It provides a light weight moisture that does not break me out. For me, my skin soaks it up instantly without leaving a tacky finish. It plumps and tightens, and is an effective and superior product. Anyone can use it, and it definitely does what it claims!

  • The best SPF for me!

    Before Vivier I never used a sunscreen on my face on a daily basis and I can’t believe what I was missing. So happy with this product and the fact that it tinted is the holy grail. Every time I put it on along with my other Vivier products my skin is glowing. Love this product and would highly recommend to anyone!!!!

  • Best of the best!

    The Vivier Peptide CR Creme is excellent! Vivier skin products are always great but the platine line is amazing. I have been trying to reduce wrinkles and dark spots and this stuff did it in no time! I love that it is full of peptides and Retinol along with a ton of other beneficial ingredients. By 30-60 days every problem will be either lessened or erased.

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